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Toverland Halloween 2020

On the 9th of October, Toverland’s Halloween event started. We were invited by Toverland to come and take a look at their improved Halloween event, so one day later, we came for a visit! The park was open from 10 AM until 11 PM, which means 13 hours of rides and scares… READ MORE
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Tripsdrill: 2 new rollercoasters!

If you have ever visited an amusement park, there is a big chance that you once have encountered a SLC, the somewhat infamous 5 looping suspended coasters built by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma that has earned a reputation for being rough, painful roller coasters READ MORE
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Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles: The city of beaches, the walk of fame, beautiful weather, and traffic jams. But don't forget that there is more to discover. Yeah you could even be a day in the movies instead of watching them! The entertainment capital of LA is ready for our visit. Universal Studios Hollywood opened it , … READ MORE

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Star Wars Land: Galaxy's Edge

We take you back to 2015. It is the 15th of august during the Walt Disney Studios presentation of Bob Iger on D23. Rumors has circulated for a longer period of time: Is Disney going to built a Stars Wars Land? And yes, we receive the answer we have been waiting for! WE ARE GETTING A STAR WARS LAND … READ MORE
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2019: our themepark highlights

It’s the end of 2019, a wonderful year filled with amazing highlights! Ranging from the opening of new rollercoaster to visiting new parks with amazing rides. But what are our biggest highlights of all the amazing thinks in 2019? Let’s find out… READ MORE
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Fright Nights Walibi Holland

On october 5th Walibi Holland opened its Halloween season once again! We were invited to to take a look at their brand new Halloween event ‘Spooky Days’ aimed at a younger audience compared to the immensely popular ‘Halloween Fright Nights.’ Is a normal Halloween… READ MORE

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Bobbejaanland: Halloween 2019

On Saturday 26 October we were invited by Bobbejaanland again to attend their yearly Halloween event! This year, they introduced a brand new haunted house called ‘Yummy’. We are very curious about the new Halloween additions and are ready to scream our lungs out… READ MORE
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Universal Studios Singapore

There is a place where movies and beaches, rollercoaster and jungles, and stuntshows and palmtrees are just combined to 1 awesome getaway: Sentosa Island. This island is the location of Universal Studios Singapore. The park opened in 2010 as part of creating Sentosa to a world… READ MORE
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Walibi opening of UNTAMED

Today is the day where we all be waiting for! Today is the opening of the the first hybrid coaster and the second RMC of Europe. It is the opening of: UNTAMED! It is the first of july when we are driving to Walibi Holland exciting to the max for this brand new rollercoaster. READ MORE

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Disneyland Paris by train

For the first time ever we took the train to Disneyland Paris. We rediscovered some amazing attractions, checked out the spectacular Marvel Superhero season and enjoyed the park at it’s best. Is Disneyland Paris the most magical place in Europe? Let’s find out… READ MORE
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Linnänmaki: the beast named Taiga

Linnänmaki is the city theme park of Helsinki. The park opened in 1950 and has approximately 1 million visitors per year. It is very easy to reach when you are in downtown Helsinki, it is just a short ride with the tram or bus. Built on a hill the park provides a nice view of the city and the surroundings, and  READ MORE
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IAAPA Expo Europe

Last month, on 17 and 18 September, we were in Paris for the biggest expo of the attraction leisure industry of Europe, namely the IAAPA European Expo! (former EAS). Every year this expo brings together many industry professionals from all over the world and especially Europe… READ MORE

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Bobbejaanland opening of Fury

Yesterday Bobbejaanland opened one of it’s biggest expansions ever. In the last months they rethemed two existing attractions and built a new coaster. Fury is the fastest coaster of the Benelux and the headliner of the new Lands of Legends area, and we were invited to check it out! READ MORE
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Bobbejaanland expansion details

Today is a special day, not because we’re visiting a themepark, but because we’re visiting a closed themepark! Bobbejaanland revealed their biggest investment ever: a new triple launch coaster and the addition of a themed area 'Land of Legends'. We visited the press event to check out the details READ MORE
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Pandora: the world of Avatar

We’ve red raving reviews about Pandora and because of that we had very high expectations. We all know that ‘Diagon Alley’ moment when stepping through the brick wall, that ‘Cars Land’ moment when you walk under the arch and see Ornament Valley and now we all know the ‘Pandora’ moment. You walk READ MORE

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New worlds of Walibi

Walibi Belgium is currently working on a big masterplan to transform 2/3 of the park into a whole new experience before 2025. For the opening of the new parts of this plan, Funworld and Karmaworld, we travelled to Wavre to explore the new attractions and newly themed area’s and rides! READ MORE
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Happy Valley Chengdu

Happy Valley Chengdu opened 10 years ago, in 2009. It is a Chinese chain, comparable to Six Flags and Cedar Fair are in the United States, and has over 8 theme parks all across China. It’s infamous because of the slow dispatches and long lines. Let’s see what it will bring us today!We when enter the park we encounter a large lake … READ MORE
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Toverland: Booster Bike

We go back to the early 2000. Toverland was a local indoor park for children, but with a huge expansion drift. The owners would like to built a wooden rollercoaster with their second indoor hall but then Vekoma knocks on the door. Vekoma: one of the biggest rollercoaster manufactures of the worldREAD MORE
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Walibi Holland backstage

It’s finally here! The official start of the Themeparkseason 2019. Most themeparks in The Netherlands close during the wintertime because of colder weather and preparations for the new season, so when it’s finally springtime again it’s time for the parks to present their novelties!READ MORE
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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

With the closure of most themeparks in the winter we need to get our ‘themepark kick’ elsewhere. With that in mind we headed to Amsterdam to check out the Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds.Everybody knows Madame Tussauds because there are a lot of them around the globe. At this attraction you get the READ MORE
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Bobbejaanland: Scream event

Last weekend we visited Bobbejaanland to check out their Halloween evening. For the people who doesn’t know Bobbejaanland: This theme park is located in Belgium, in Lichtaart to be exact. The park has 7 rollercoasters, and next year they are opening a Gerstlauer multi-launch coaster! It can be described asREAD MORE
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Disneyland: Paint the Night

Paint the night: the newest nighttime parade of the Walt Disney Company. Announced first for Hong Kong Disneyland, and premiered there on October 1, 2014. According to the rumors this wonderful parade would also be coming to Disneyland Anaheim for the 60th birthday, and the rumors weren’t false. READ MORE

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