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Toverland: Booster Bike

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We go back to the early 2000. Toverland was a local indoor park for children, but with a huge expansion drift. The owners would like to built a wooden rollercoaster with their second indoor hall but then Vekoma knocks on the door. Vekoma: one of the biggest rollercoaster manufactures of the world has it’s headquaters just 60 km south of Toverland. The first rollercoaster (now called Toos-Express) was also a Vekoma. So the company went to Sevenum to discuss a groundbreaking rollercoaster. No you are not sitting in an ordinary coach like a normal coaster, in this coaster you would sit on a bike! Toverland was enthusiastic, and the deal was made. No wooden rollercoaster for Toverland in 2004 but a motorcoaster. The booster bike was born!
The ride:
When you ride this coaster for the first time you will be amazed of the seating. It really feels like you are riding a motorcycle! The seating is comfortable (if the operators don’t press to hard on the backrestraint). After dispatching you are brought directly to the launch area, and then it happens: a hydraulic launch will catapult you in 3 secondes to 75 km/h! Within no time you reach the maximum height of 15 meters and continues your race. You will have a magnificient view of the new entrance area ‘port laguna’ when you racing along the track. After a couple turns and twist you start the bunnyhops back to the station. The ride isn’t that long (600 meters) but is long enough to satisfy yourself.

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For 9 years the booster bike theming was convenient, but after the opening of the ‘magische vallei’ in 2013 the theming isn’t matching anymore with the area. The magical valley is themed after the ‘dwervels’, this is a dwarf specie who lives in the area. This doesn’t match the theming of motorcycles, speed, and a lot of sounds. Unfortunate Toverland didn’t change the theming of booster bike yet. So for the time being: we still travel on motorcycles.
This rollercoaster was huge for Toverland. It was also the second launch coaster for the Netherlands (only Superman the ride. now called ‘xpress’ had a launch). And because Toverland was a themepark for smaller children, immediately one of the disadvantage of this coaster came to light: The minimum length is 1.40 meter, which eliminates a lot of the visitors of riding this coaster.

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This rollercoaster was so important for the progress of this type. Vekoma has built in total 5 other motorbike coasters, which as ultimate highlight: TRON. Tron is the motorbike coaster in Shanghai Disneyland, and is often called one of the best coasters in the world. All of this is related to that groundbreaking first coaster in Toverland. So when you riding the booster bike in Toverland, just keep in mind: It is more special then you think!

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