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Disneyland Anaheim: Paint the Night

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Paint the night: the newest nighttime parade of the Walt Disney Company. Announced first for Hong Kong Disneyland, and premiered there on October 1, 2014. According to the rumors this wonderful parade would also be coming to Disneyland Anaheim for the 60th birthday, and the rumors weren’t false. The parade became an instant hit in California, and now 3 years later the parade makes it runs through the park on the other side: Disney California Adventure.
This is the first Disney parade which uses only LED, and there are more than 1.500.000 lights, 76 performers and 7 floats. Due to the electrical lines of the trolley in Disney California Adventure, the frozen float has been demolished because it was too big. Also the little mermaid float has been adjusted to fit under the lines. On 23 june a new float is premiering in the parade based on the incredibles!

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The “Monsters, Inc.” float is 11 feet wide and 21 feet long, and it glows with nearly 17,000 points of light. The five animated doors on this float are more than nine feet tall with 40 individual LED video panels.

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Did you know that the mack is the longest float in the parade? The display contains nearly 27.000 individual orbs and almost 2000 feet of LED neon helps to bring this float to life!

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The spinning disks of Slinky in the Toy Story float rotates at a speed of 120 RPM. The float  itself is 32 feet long, and Slinky’s ears are 18 feet tall and 11 feet across.

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The video screen on the Beauty and the Beast float contains more than 500.000 pixels! In addition to color-changing programmable ribbons, Belle’s dress has 40 custom-designed jewels and the most decorative lighting caps of any float.

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The Mickey Mouse float is 31 feet long, has 40 universes of control and more than 10,000 points of light. The spiraling kinetic sculpture on this float is 14 feet tall and seven feet wide. It contains nearly 7,000 individually programmable LED pixels.

Paint the Night is our favorite Disney parade ever. The floats are beautiful, the music is swinging and the characters and costumes are fun to watch! Hopefully we can enjoy this parade for the years to come in Anaheim, Hong Kong or maybe also at other Disney resorts around the globe!

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