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Bobbejaanland: Scream

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Last weekend we visited Bobbejaanland to check out their Halloween evening. For the people who doesn’t know Bobbejaanland: This theme park is located in Belgium, in Lichtaart to be exact. The park has 7 rollercoasters, and next year they are opening a Gerstlauer multi-launch coaster!
It can be described as a real family park. But now back to Halloween:
The park has 7 haunted houses and 3 scare zones, so enough to have a scary evening. Also 6 of the 7 haunted houses are free! So you don’t need to pay an up charge.

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The newest and biggest haunted house is ‘welp’. Based on a Belgium horror movie. Instead of going by foot, you need to go in a blinded truck and being transported to another area. Then you are dropped in a dark forest where you need to search for survivors. Without telling spoilers: This house is big! I almost never visited such an immersive environment in a haunted house, it really feels like you are walking in a real forest instead of an show arena. Bobbejaanland raised the bar for themselves and for other parks as well!

All of the haunted houses are really well done, with each a different theme. But my all time favorite is ‘childhood fears’.
Bobbejaanland has a really big indoor playground for children named ‘kinderland’ (children land). During the halloween evenings this area is opens as a Haunted House with evil ghosts, terrifying bears, clowns, dolls, and much more. They are everywhere in the building, in the Ferris wheel, round-a-bout, the slides, you simply can’t miss them. The house is spooky, mysterious but not super scary. I never experienced something like this.

But there is more to do in Bobbejaanland? We enjoyed again their coasters and flat rides! And can’t wait to see the new coaster next year, this will be one of the biggest of the BeNeLux.

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All in all the event was magnificent,
we enjoyed the atmosphere, the
houses, the fireworks and the
attractions. We would advice to
pay Bobbejaanland a visit this
weekend! Go before it is too late.

We hope you liked our review
and pictures and see you next

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