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Pandora: the world of Avatar

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We’ve red raving reviews about Pandora and because of that we had very high expectations. We all know that ‘Diagon Alley’ moment when stepping through the brick wall, that ‘Cars Land’ moment when you walk under the arch and see Ornament Valley and now we all know the ‘Pandora’ moment. You walk though an densely forested area which subtly changes into an other world: the paving changes, the lights are different, the vegetation is shifting, you hear strange sounds and slowly you see some ‘odd’ mountains peaking though the trees. A few steps more and BAM, there it is, the world we thought did not exist, the world that is unbelievable immersive, big and appealing to the eye, the world that is Pandora.
After walking around and strolling over various paths we came to the conclusion that this is next-gen. ‘Real’ and ‘fake’ nature are blending perfectly and the area truly feels like a place, or a planet, on its own. The floating mountains are huge and the area is bigger than expected. You really can have a stroll through Pandora and all of it’s wonders! Na’vi River Journey is calming and enchanting but really could use some more movement like an extra animatronic. The setting of the forest is amazing, and the visual effects astonishing. However the headliner of this area is the pure definition of movement, emotions and thrills: FLIGHT OF PASSAGE!

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The queue itself is an attraction. First of all: It is HUGE! If the whole queue is long, you can wait half your day. It all start in the valley of mo’ara under the floating mountains where the queue starts. Then you enter the caves of the navi, the natives of Pandora. And start to learn about the banshees or how the navi call it: a Ikran. During the queue you experience everything: from the forest of pandora to the science lab of ACE, and at the end you are ready to get linked to your avatar and fly on the back of a banshee!

The first time we completely experienced ‘Flight of Passage’ we could not believe what was happening. The breathing of the Banshee between your legs, the mist of the waterfalls in your face, the ocean smell when you escape a huge wave and the feeling of completely being free when you fly. This is one of the most intense and most touching attraction we have ever experienced!

But what makes this ride so special? Almost everything is this ride is a redo of other attractions. It is a ‘soarin on steriods’, but still the ride is really out of this world and that is because 1 word: Emotions! This ride is full of emotions, you really are in pandora and are flying on the back of a Banshee. The music, screenplay, special effects and storyline are so incredibly well done, that you will be mind blown when you leave the attraction. And in our opinion the reason why this attraction is the best of the best.

Also the food is incredible good at Pandora! Satu’li Canteen has one of the best counter services in whole Walt Disney World. Definitely try the blueberry cream cheese mousse, this blue dessert is just delicious, also the bowls with chicken and beef are a good bet and huge. We shared 1 plate with 2 persons, and the food is way more healthy than other food options in the resorts like hamburgers etc.

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Disney really outdid theirselves with Pandora and we can’t wait to see what other parks have in store to compete this. When we walked into Diagon Alley a week later we were somehow not impressed because we still had the scale of Pandora in our mind. “But does this land have any points of improvement?” – Jep it has.
In our opinion the area could use some music hear and there, especially when you are seeing the floating mountains for the first time. Also we think that the ‘Flight of Passage’ preshow is very long-winded and we find the obvious dubbing of the main character very annoying. But besides that: WOW WOW WOW SIVAKO!

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