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With the closure of most themeparks in the winter we need to get our ‘themepark kick’ elsewhere. With that in mind we headed to Amsterdam to check out the Amsterdam Dungeon and Madame Tussauds..

Everybody knows Madame Tussauds because there are a lot of them around the globe. At this attraction you get the chance to catch a glimpse of how your favorite celeb looks like in real life. The amazing wax figures are exact replica’s of the persons they’re portraying and are put in a unique setting.
The experience starts with a little preshow (themepark points!) in which it looks like you’re attending an award ceremony,  very very cool! Then you are standing face to face with the Dutch Royal family, famous actors like Johnny Depp, movie characters like Shrek, singers like Ariana Grande, famous Dutch people and at the and there is an Marvel section. Each figure has it’s own setting which is truely of themepark quality. Most of the sets are build by P&P projects who also create theming for various parks like the ones of Disney. The various interactive elements generate a fun experience for everyone.

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Amsterdam Dungeon
We did not know what Amsterdam Dungeon was and expected it to be a giant halloween maze. We couldn’t be more wrong…

When entering you can choose your language, we chose English, and you have to wait with other people in a cell. After a few minutes a guard is taking you out and introduces the history of the Dungeon which we are entering right know. What followed was a journey through ultra themed environments filled with actors who all have a historical story to share.

The journey leads you through various rooms with shows in them.
Every actor was sublime and had a perfect feeling for the balance between scary and funny. The experience is very interactive and several people from the group are chosen to do things. For example it turned out one girl of our group was a witch and she was buried at stake right before our eyes!

Amsterdam Dungeon is an amazing experience which is luckily not as scary as you might think. It’s FUN FUN FUN and very educational as well. We learned more about Amsterdam in the Dungeon then we have learned in several museums. It’s definetely worth a visit and deserves our label of ‘It’s not a themepark but it’s themepark quality’

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You can find more information about Madame Tussauds here and more about the Amsterdam Dungeon here

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