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Bobbejaanland: construction site visit

Today is a special day, not because we’re visiting a themepark, but because we’re visiting a closed themepark! On Saturday 16 February we started the day with a small trip on this early sunny morning towards Belgium. After a 1-hour drive we arrived in Lichtaart at the parking of Bobbejaanland.
Bobbejaanland is a family orientated park owned by Parques Reunidos. It opened in 1961 and has seen some cool attractions come and go through the years. Currently the park has 7 coasters, various darkrides and some nice flatrides. Today is the day of the press release and Bobbejaanland is eager to tell about their new additions. Buckle up guys!

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We gathered at the entrance of the park and waited until everyone had arrived. We followed the group through the closed park to the platform of the 30 meters high Giant Frisbee: Sledge Hammer. A unique location for a unique announcement said Yves Peeters, the general manager of the park.
We sure agree! The group, which mainly consisted out of other theme park accounts and news sites, walked through the park along all the closed attractions. It was pretty weird and cool to see everything in the park being closed.

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A short walk later we arrived at the place where it will happen in June: the construction site! It is located between the Sledge Hammer, indoor coaster Revolution, and looping coaster Typhoon. The whole area around these rides will have a completely new theme. At the start of the presentation, the name, map of the area and the concept arts of this new area where being revealed.
The name of the new area is Land of Legends. The concept arts looked amazing and really detailed. It was really nice to see that some props are already being build and looked already really good! The coaster track is currently still under construction and they expect the tracks to be there in around 8 weeks.

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The story is about the ‘Guardian of Elements’ who created the Land of Legends with the goal to keep the 4 elements of nature (fire, air, water and earth) in their purest form. To protect the land from evil, the guardian closed the gates of the 4 lands. However, the guardian didn’t know that the evil was already inside the lands and threatened the land from within… In the Land of Legends each ride covers one of the four elements of nature. A big plaza will be created with a 6 meter high statue of the Guardian himself. 4 entrance portals surrounding the plaza will be granding acces to the different elements and attractions.
The earth area surrounding Sledgehammer is an area based on people who live on this piece of earth. An enormous giant is living underneath in this area. The inhabitants built a huge hammer (Sledge Hammer) to keep this giant under the ground. If you walk further you can feel the wind in Typhoon. The Guardian of Elements and the Skyriders are looking for witch Wayra. If you want to go on an adventure to look for the witch... ride the Typhoon. Moreover, we have the water zone which is a new splash area named Naiads Waters. Help the elves destroy water monster Uvu.

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Finally, after the Land of Legends was being revealed, it was time for the biggest reveal. Within the fire part of the area, a new big rollercoaster will be built. In this coaster, the guests will fight the evil fire dragon Fogo! The new name of this new coaster is Fury! A huge reveal and everyone seemed really enthusiastic!

The new coaster will be manufactured by Gerstlauer and is a triple launch coaster. The coaster will launch the guests 3 times with a speed up till 100 km/h and a height of 43 meters! A small brother of this coaster is Gold Rush in Slagharen.
Heigth: 43 Meters
Length: 600 meters
Speed: 100 km/h
Launches: 3
Ride time: 90 seconds
Capacity: 2 trains with 12 persons / 650 persons per hour

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Bobbejaanland shared a lot of information about the new coaster and the new zone. In total 4 attractions will be incorporated in the new themed area ‘Land of Legends’. The Sledge Hammer and Typhoon will be rethemed and a new splash zone and the coaster Fury will be added. The music in the new area and the music for the new coaster will be custom made for the park by the German company IMAscore.
After the presentation we were able to make some photos of the construction site. We think it looks really really promising! The area is actually pretty big and has a lot of potential for an awesome coaster. It is good that the attractions will be combined in a overarching theme and therefore create a whole new land. The existing monorail will stay and will cross the coaster multiple times.

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We are very enthusiastic about the complete new area and the new coaster Fury. Bobbejaanland really makes a bold move with this expansion and also makes a first big step in the themepark world. Bobbejaanland is a unique family attraction park with a big collection of diverse and unique coasters and some flat rides. With this expansion they are adding a whole new themed area and a big adrenaline generating coaster the park needs.
We can’t wait to see the different elements brought to life and to hear a new coaster rush through Bobbejaanland. This is the biggest investment Bobbejaanland has ever done and it already shows. We are hyped!

We really want to thank Bobbejaanland for the invitation and we hope to visit the ride soon when it opens.

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