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Walibi Belgium: opening of the new worlds

Walibi Belgium is currently working on a big masterplan to transform 2/3 of the park into a whole new experience before 2025. For the opening of the new parts of this plan, Funworld and Karmaworld, we travelled to Wavre to explore the new attractions and newly themed area’s and rides!


We arrived at the park around nine and were friendly welcomed by the staff to get our press card. The park was not yet open for regular visitors, so we got the chance to explore the park and its new areas a bit earlier. After we entered the park via the red carpet, a big American school bus was waiting for us to bring us to the first newly themed world to explore: Funworld.
When we arrived, we were awaited by some stewardesses and after a photo on the orange carpet (Walibi definitely likes their carpet options) we were welcomed with a lovely breakfast and a new rollercoaster to ride. This new coaster, Fun Pilot, is the new kiddiecoaster of the park which replaces the old Coccinelle kiddie coaster.

Now the park finally has a rollercoaster for the smaller guests again! The Zierer Force 190 coaster sure gives a nice ride, even for the parents! The new theming of the area is fresh, happy and perfect to get away from all the heavy attractions. Before Funworld, the area was the children’s area of the park called Walibi Playland.
The area got a really good makeover with some fresh paint, new buildings (even the new toilets are themed), and the mad house that got a nice touch up. A real plane with a banner attached with the words ‘’worlds of Walibi’’ flew over the area so that definitely shows that Walibi is not yet done with making its park more beautiful in the upcoming years.


After we discovered, the unfortunately rainy, Funworld, we got to go to the second new area called Karmaworld. Karmaworld is a really interesting newly themed area around the already existing Vekoma Boomerang Cobra which is now repainted to fit the area better.
The theming is based on the Bollywood genre, so you can find a lot of really well done Indian theming and landscaping. The area even has its own music composed by ImaScore. In the new restaurant you can find lovely dishes like Chicken Bombay and Tikka Masala.

When we entered the new area, we were friendly welcomed by entertainment like Indian fire breathers, acrobats, belly dancers and many others. When everyone was settled, it started poring rain, but the area still had a really nice vibe to it. The highlight of the area is the new interactive dark ride Popcorn Revenge. The opening of the ride was spectacular including dancers, an Indian emperor and a nice speech from the park’s manager. After the confetti (who doesn’t love confetti) it was time to discover the new dark ride which is an interactive shooter with a trackless ride system. The ride is really fun and is themed like an Indian theatre with a nice 50-ish twist.
The theming was done by Jora Vision and is definitely high quality. During the ride you travel through the theatre and in different rooms you can shoot at little popcorns to gain points. The ride has a lot of interaction with the people in the other carriages and is a lovely addition to Walibi’s existing rides. After exploring the ride, we got the try the new Indian food which was really good, and we managed to ride Cobra a few times. We have to say that the new ride and themed area are very atmospheric and is a very nice choice of Walibi and its owner Compagnie Des Alpes.

Afterwards we got to explore the park, so we could see how much Walibi is doing to reach their masterplan goal! We would like to thank Walibi Belgium again for the amazing day, the lovely staff and the high grade of hospitality during the press event! See you soon :)

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