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Walibi Holland: Opening of UNTAMED!

Today is the day where we all be waiting for… today is the opening of the the first hybrid coaster and the second RMC of Europe. Today is the opening of: UNTAMED! It is the first of july when we are driving to Walibi Holland excited to the max for this brand new rollercoaster. The hype is real, but will the new coaster be as amazing as everybody thinks it will be?


Like we told in the previous walibi blog. Untamed is located in the new area ‘wilderness’ where everything is lush and green, and the nature can grow how it likes without involvement of humans. The area looks now much better than 3 months ago, and is indeed really green with lots of flowers and grass plants.

The huss topspin which was first named Excaliber has been rethemed and is now Blast. Unfortunately since the opening of the season technical difficulties occur and therefore it is more closed than open. Hopefully Walibi can fix the problem before the summer holidays are in full swing!

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We are welcomed in a Festival like setting with food trucks, bars, entertainment and music. There is a nice atmosphere and a good vibe. Let the rollercoaster adrenalin start! At 13:30 the big opening starts and after the opening speeches of Marscha (CEO Walibi Holland) and Dominique Marcel (CEO Compagnie des Alpes). According to Marscha, Walibi Holland has the highest guest satisfaction of all the CDA parks, something they can be really proud of! After the speeches the first train is dispatched with a great amount of fireworks and pyrotechnics! It would be a blast if you can sit in the train. When the first train hits the brakes, the ride is finally open for us. The nerves are rising when we walk in the queue: ‘please let it be good, please’. After 1.5 years of waiting this is the moment we have been waiting for. 

From the queue you have an excellent view of the coaster, and can shoot some nice pictures. Also old elements of the Robin Hood can be found in the queue. Like an airtime hill including an old Robin Hood coach. To support the 'wilderness' themed area, they put flowers and other plants in the train. Supports and other wooden beams of the old coaster are placed in the queue. A nice throwback so that the Robin Hood will not be forgotten. 

We choose the backseat for our first ride. When we leave the station the first fun element is the 45 degrees outside banked turn to the lifthill which is actually really steep and fun. After climbing 36,5 meters to the top and plummeting 35,4 meters down the ride madness officially begins. Inversions after airtime after steep banked turns: this ride has everything! It doesn’t have a single rest moment, from the moment on the top of the lifthill till you hit the brakes: this rides delivers.
The airtime of this ride is almost unbelieveable, after riding it a couple times our thighs hurt because of all the negative g forces. The best element is for sure the 270 degrees double inverting corner stall. This are 2 inversions in 1 element and for sure you don't know anymore what is up or what is down. The last barrel roll is also a highlight! Especially when you love hangtime. When you hit the brakes you can only smile and be amazed of this monster!

Are there also some negative things about the coaster? Yes, but only minor things. The ride isn’t warm yet-> RMC’s always need to warm up a couple months before they are on their final speed. So in the coming months this ride will be more and more intense. Also this ride has an insanely high amount of airtime hills, maybe 1 or 2 less would also be fine. But this are such a minor details which actually don’t really matter. Only thing what is really weird is that according to Walibi this ride has 5 inversions, but in reality there are only 4. Walibi counts a 140 degrees banked turned as an inversion, which is definitely not an inversion. The Goliath suddenly also has an inversion if you count like Walibi does.

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Walbi has the jackpot in their hands. This coaster is everything we could hoped for and maybe more. The first drop, airtime moments, inversions and banked turns are just top notch. This is definitely the best coaster of the Netherlands and one of the better in Europe. We couldn’t be more pleased to see that Walibi got rid of the awful Robin Hood by transforming it into this beast. Everybody who is in doubt: go to Walibi and ride this monster! It is definitely worth it and you won’t regret it.

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