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Los Angeles: The city of beaches, the walk of fame, beautiful weather, and traffic jams. But don't forget that there is more to discover. Yeah you could even be a day in the movies instead of watching them! The entertainment capital of LA is ready for our visit. Universal Studios Hollywood opened it movie studios 107 years ago, and still today you can have an amazing day with your favourite characters and attractions. Lets have a look all this great park has to offer us!

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First of all the park is small is size but huge in offerings. When you look at the website you maybe think that the park has not the size to spend the whole day. Well you are wrong!
Our tip is to be there at park opening, as you really need between 8 and 10 hours to see all the highlights and have a re-ride on your favourite attraction.

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During this report we will take you through our top favourites in the park. We won't highlight everything, but this park has some gems which need to be in the spotlight!

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Let's start with the attraction that started it all: the studio tram tour! Probably one of the longest attractions on earth as the ride time can reach 60 minutes! And I can tell you: It is not boring a single second. During this hour you visit all the sound sets, skull island, an earthquake, survives an attack of jaws, are street reaching in the middle of a fast & furious battle and much more! They even have stripped a real Boeing 747 for War of the Worlds, which is on display here and very impressive! So much happens during this tour that you really need to sit down after riding it and rethink all the amazing stuff that just happened. Only thing to note: It is a real film set, so your tour can be really good, but sometimes also quite bad as large pieces of sets can just be closed for filming, and then you skip that part. Still you will travel through all the immersive tunnel attractions and shows, which are worth a visit!

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Shows are not the biggest achievement of Universal Studios Hollywood. The park has some shows like an outdated special effects show and an animal show with humor I can't get a smile on my face. So most of them can easily be missed if you are time limited. The only show which you NEED to see is Waterworld!
This show is the best stunt show I have ever seen. Water, fireworks, fire, crashes: just everything you want to see in a stunt show happens here! Waterworld is just 20 minutes of pure fun and extremely spectacular. Really not to miss if you are into shows, and a welcome rest moment between all the intense attractions!

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So Universal Studios is divided in 2 areas: the upper and lower lot. You start your day in the upper lot but 3 main attractions can be found in the lower lot. To reach the lower lot you have to go down the escalators, and that is really a long journey! Be prepared to ascend for like 10 minutes before reaching the attractions in the lower lot. But you will have a fabulous views of the region. When traveling down you have a beautiful overlook of the construction of Super Nintendo Land, which will be opening in 2021 according to the rumours!

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When Jurassic World hit theaters in 2015 and was such a success. It was just a matter of time before we are gonna see the movie becomes reality. So since this year Jurassic Park: River Adventure has been changed into Jurassic World. All the area has got a proper and necessary facelift. Everything feels brand new and fresh, something the area definitely needed because I think Jurassic Park was really outdated and not that fun anymore. The refurbished ride however is in my opinion amazing! The first scene with the Mosasauras is excited and the screens are such a high quality that it looks 3D (while it is not). Also the finally has a totally different setting which I absolutely love! It has a much better atmosphere now. Only thing is that the indomius rex animatronic is not finished yet, so that one is not impressive at the moment. Hopefully the new one arrives early next year. All in all this was the highlight of the park for me. The ride is so much fun and fresh that I want to ride to ride it over and over. If you visit the park and the line is long: don't forget to check out the single riders line, as that line is much shorter!

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Transformers is another major attractions in the lower lot. This attractions is so amazing, you just can't miss it! The cutting edge technology of the ride systeem, combined with screens, synchronised movements and 3D glasses makes this ride truly a masterpiece. You are in the middle of the battle between the autobots and the decepticons, and it feels like if you are really there. Your goal is to support the autobots in their journey to protect the all spark and save the world.
The ride system is a motion based simulator on a track, so your vehicle actually moves! The track is 610 meters long, which is even longer than the Mummy which is only 580 meters long! Also the highest screen is over 60 feet tall. Also note that is attractions is in in 3 other Universal Studios Resort: Orlando, Singapore and Beijing, where it will open in 2021 together with the rest of the park . Definitely not too miss when visiting one of the parks!

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One of the most loved movie franchises of all time can be found at the Upper Lot: Harry Potter. The Wizarding World becomes real at Universal. Step through the gates and enter Hogsmeade. In this snowy magical village everything you see is real and just like you remember it from the movies.

Buy a wand at Ollivanders, drink some butter beer, buy a chocolate frog in the candy store and enter Hogwarts. Everyone is invited to visit the school of Wizardry and Witchcraft and follow Harry, Ron and Hermione on a magical journey.
'Harry potter and the Forbidden Journey' has to be one of the best rides ever created. A unique ride system takes you through some adrenaline boosting darkride sections and amazing projection domes. This ride is one of the best dark rides in the world and will not disappoint.

Even the queue is a feast for the eyes. Step inside the chamber of Dumbledore, the room of requirements and see the sorting hat in real life. This is every wizards dream but muggles will for sure be entertained as well.

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The last attraction of the lower lot is Revenge of the Mummy. This premier rides rollercoaster is not so impressive when looking at the statics: 580 meters long, and a max speed of 64 kilometres an hour. But don't look always at the numbers. This coaster is a great! A intense launch, followed by airtime hills and tight turns, even some other surprises are coming to you down the way! We need to be honest, yes this coaster is really fun. But it is also ageing. The theming is okey, but the effects are getting old. For now the coaster is just fine for the park, although I think that this coaster is pretty high on the list of being replaced in the future. Still not too miss when in the park.

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I think there is almost no park in the world who has so much characters out to the a picture with than Universal Studios Hollywood! It is just amazing, everywhere you look there are characters. From Shrek to Transformers, and from Dino's to Trolls. Everyone you love is here to meet you. Don't skip all the meet and greets. In our opinion the best ones are Transformers: they really interact with you, and talking live! Also don't miss the dino's from Jurassic World. They look so realistic, you won't believe that there is a person inside it. And at last: there is a Troll who farts glitters! You just won't believe your eyes.

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We can say without a doubt that if you like theme parks and movies this park is a must! The attractions are top notch and Universal improves itself every single year. We haven't covered all attractions so you have to discover the park by yourself to find out about Kung-Fu Panda, the Simpsons or the brand new Secret life of Pets attraction which opens early next year! The park is not cheap, but definitely worth your money!