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Tripsdrill: 2 new rollercoasters!

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If you have ever visited an amusement park, there is a big chance that you once have encountered a SLC, the somewhat infamous 5 looping suspended coasters built by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma that has earned a reputation for being rough, painful roller coasters. As Vekoma recently has begun its own little rollercoaster revolution, with innovative, world class new rides, an update of their infamous success SLC ride was not far away.

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This brings us to June 23rd, when we were invited to Erlebnispark Tripsdrill in Cleebronn, Germany. This would be the day that we would have the privilege of becoming one of the first riders of the a Suspended Thrill Coaster. Tripsdrill started construction on a dual coaster project back in July 2019, consisting out of family boomerang roller coaster Volldampf and STC Hals-Uber-Kopf.
Both rides together form the biggest investment yet for Tripsdrill, not only increasing their coaster count from 4 to 6, but also stretching the boundaries of the park. Even though the theming of both rides is not completely finished, the rides will open on June 26th to the public. The rest of the theming will be finished during the 2021 off-season.

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Height: 22m
Length: 250m (500m out and back)
Speed: 60 km/h
Capacity: 500 p/h

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The Vekoma Junior Boomerang is popping up everywhere these days, but Volldampf has an unique layout. The ride is integrated with the layout of the Hals-Uber-Kopf ride, allowing for multiple near miss moments. The ride has a surprisingly forceful start, with sweeping turns and twisted hills. Once it reaches its spike, above the STC station, it loses some of that power, making the return rather tame. It's a lovely addition to the family coaster arsenal of Tripsdrill, once again offering something different.

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Height: 30m
Length: 800m
Speed: 80 km/h
Capacity: 800 p/h

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The first installation of the new STC model of Vekoma, a unique ride to say the least. Hals-Uber-Kopf starts with a 30m ascent before plummeting you into a course filled with twists, turns and inversions. The sensation of freedom is achieved beautifully by the trains, which only have a lapbar. The ride is perfectly balanced between forces and floating, all without a bump along the way.
We truly loved the ride, which actually packed a punch for its moderate statistics, and could ride it over and over again. It is not as intense as Karacho, the Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster of the park, but we think Hals-Uber-Kopf is the perfect example of an inverting ride suitable for the entire family.

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Erlebnispark Tripsdrill already had the charm, but it now also has the rides to make it a must visit for all roller coaster fans. The park offers a day full of fun, filled with unique experiences and awesomely themed rides. For more information about the new rides, the park and tickets, please visit

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