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Halloween at Toverland 2020


On the 9th of October, Toverland’s Halloween event started. We were invited by Toverland to come and take a look at their improved Halloween event, so one day later, we came for a visit! The park was open from 10 AM until 11 PM, which means 13 hours of rides and scares!

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Most of the scary parts of the event started from 6 PM onward. That is why during the day, we spend most of our time on some of the amazing rides Toverland has to offer, such as Troy, Fenix, Djengu River, Dwervelwind, Merlin’s Quest and Maximus Blitz Bahn. At the same time, some family-friendly Halloween activities took place. We did 2 family-friendly mazes: one indoor maze, and one outdoor maze. Especially the outdoor maze was well-done! With a nice, simple story line and cute but scary characters, smaller children will surely enjoy their share of scares!

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At 3 PM, it was time for the first adult Halloween experience. Fear the Woods is a maze located in a tent close to Toverland’s entrance area. Because of the small rooms and narrow corridors combined with low visibility, scares are guaranteed in this maze. Simple, but very effective!

After a beer in Toverland’s German beer garten and some loaded fries in Toverland’s entry area, we went to the second scare maze. The Witches’ Forest is located in a forest area behind Fenix. Although the capacity of this maze seemed a bit low, resulting long waiting times, the quality was once again quite high. With limited lighting, lots of smoke and a sky that had already gone dark, conditions were perfect for some good scares in this outdoor maze. It was not loaded with scares which makes it the most family-friendly of all adult mazes and perfect for Toverland’s target audience.

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After this, it was time for Toverland’s newest maze, Maison de la Magie. Because it is new and bigger than the rest of the mazes, it is the only maze that is not free (it costs €7.50) and requires a pre-booked timeslot. The entrance of the experience is near the entrance in Port Laguna, where you will be waiting for a train which takes you off property to a nearby farm. Inside the barn of this farm was the location of this thrilling spectacle.

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We entered the barn and the first thing we saw was a beautiful big facade of a phantom manor like house, with some very nice details. After this, we waited to go inside, where a waiter let us in and brought us to a small cinema room where we received the story of this house. To give you an idea of the maze’s story, here’s a small, spoiler-free description:

“A mysterious torchlight trick almost killed the world-famous, flamboyant illusionist Oscar Pendula last year. He seems to have since been engaged in conjuring up dark magic from another dimension. You will discover it in his stately country house, Maison de la Magie.”

What followed after the pre-show was a large maze with loads of small hallways and great and unique scares from the ghosts of the other dimensions. Halfway in the house, we were surprised by a switching door trick, making us walk in circles, creating the feeling that we were trapped.

Overall, we thought it is a fantastic house and worth the money! There is a load of rooms filled with details and tells a clear story. It’s not one the level of the bigger players like Walibi Holland or Movie Park Germany, but as the park’s first bigger scare maze, we were amazed by the quality and it makes us curious and hyped to see what Toverland will create in the future. Definitely a great experience!

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Followed by Maison de la Magie, we went to the park’s circus area, were they put up a funhouse rented from the fair circuit and filled with clowns, after which we did the last maze, which is the same maze used for the outdoor kids maze during the day, but in the evening a lot scarier and, if you’re unlucky, wetter!

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We finished the evening visiting all scare zones. Especially the scary zone in the Troy area and around Djengu River were done very well, especially since the atmosphere was amazing. In the middle of visiting scare zones, we also did something that cannot be done too often: a night ride on Troy, with an amazing lighting package and a smoke screen around the fly through in the station.

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All in all, we had an amazing day in Toverland. As an ever-growing park, we at first were not sure if we would be able to fill 13 hours in the park, but looking back, time flew by and we could easily have filled one or two extra hours. The park has clearly stepped up it’s game in recent years for their Halloween event and those efforts can be seen, and experienced. We can only recommend to visit the Toverland during Halloween, to ride some of their amazing rides, feel the fantastic atmospheres in the different scare zones at night and experience their improved haunted houses, with Maison de la Magie as the park’s newest crown jewel.

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