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Walibi Holland: Fright Nights & Spooky Days

On october 5th Walibi Holland opened its Halloween season once again! We were invited to to take a look at their brand new Halloween event ‘Spooky Days’ aimed at a younger audience compared to the immensely popular ‘Halloween Fright Nights.’ Is a normal Halloween event too scary for you? Then the ‘Spooky Days’ might just be your perfect fit.

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Walibi Holland presented their ‘Spooky Days’ mascot Daysee during the event. This girl looks rather tough, but with a friendly touch. At first she seems friendly, but you’ll soon discover she has a scary side too! One says she might be just as crazy as ‘Fright Nights’ mascotte Eddie the Clown. During the ‘Spooky Days’ the right hand side of the park is turned into an exciting area to explore.

The scarezones ‘Pirate’s Cove’ and ‘Firepit’ open early for the younger guests, including some actors. Next to this the horrormaze ‘Jefferson Manor’ is opened earlier as ‘Spooky Manor’, with a shortened route and less scare effects! Also the outdoor maze is opened with scare actors. While the event is aimed a children from age 6 to 12, ‘Spooky Manor’ has an advised age of at least 8 years old.

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The event also functions as a great warming up for the audience already present for the ‘Fright Nights’, adding to the Halloween atmosphere in the park. Another new addition this year are the scarezones ‘Tangled Twigs’ and ‘Villians’ and festival area ‘Eddie’s Festival of Freaks’. All of which delivered nice theming, costumes and atmosphere! When you visit the parks during the Halloween Fright Nights, try to come as early as possible because from 15:00PM till 18:00PM the lines for the rides are extremely long. When all the halloween experiences are starting the lines for the rides tends to get much shorter.
Walibi has 4 Haunted Houses and 2 Halloween experiences. Remember that you need to pay extra for these houses if you don't have a rip pass, and that they do fill up to capacity! I would advise to book these online, and if that is not possible go immediately to the guest service at the entrance of the park to book your time slot. If you dare don't forget to book the clinic! The only experience in Walibi where you are alone, strapped down, ready to be operated. I don't think you will survive. Also new this year is a fun fair haunted house, which is located in Eddie's Festival of Freaks. It is a fun small new addition. The capacity is really low however, and not a must do.

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‘Spooky Days’ take place each day from the 11th untill the 27th of October, from 10:00 till 17:00. ‘The Halloween Fright Nights’ will take place on ten days during this period. The Halloween Fright Night are huge, and great to visit! Walibi reinvents itself every year and try to reach a higher level each time. We love the haunted houses as well, but it is a pity that you walk in a current flow with other people. This means that you see the scares before it will happen to you. Also some new scares zones can use some improvement, but overall I am really impressed with the Halloween Fright Nights and Spooky Days! This event is bigger than big, and one of the best in Europe. If you are a Halloween Lover, and love a good scare: Walibi is the place to be for you!

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