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Disneyland Paris by Train

For the first time ever we took the train to Disneyland Paris. We rediscovered some amazing attractions, checked out the spectacular Marvel Superhero season and enjoyed the park at it’s best: with lots of sun and not a lot of other people. Is Disneyland Paris the most magical place in Europe? Let’s find out!

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The most magical train

Our trip started in a new magical way. After a short drive to Amsterdam we stepped aboard the Thalys. Normally we would have to drive 6 hours but this train brings us to the magic in 3 hours. It felt so unreal to be at Disney so fast! And the way of transport isn’t bad either. You have an extremely comfortable seat in which you can easily take a nap.
The train makes a few stops along the way and reaches a maximum speed of 300 km/h. Before you know it the conductor welcomes you to the Marne-la-vallee station, which it literally in front of the Disneyland resort. The most relaxing way to start a Disney trip for sure! And If you find a good rate it’s cheaper than a car as well ;-)

We're Home

Walking into the park with the sunshine on our faces feels amazing. The pastel colours of Mainstreet U.S.A. pop, the warm and jazzy music makes you feel instantly happy and the castle at the end makes this perfect view complete. It’s good to be back.

We visited the resort many times but every time we discover some new details. This time we saw some amazing details in the windows of Mainstreet and in the display of the arcades. Did you know that there is a whole display of antique lights? Every method of light before the actual lightbulb is being displayed. Also on display are some ‘turn of the Century’ electronics like one of the first flatirons.
The thing that makes Disney stand out in our opinion is the repeat value (is that a word? Otherwise now it is!) Most of the experiences are so good it doesn’t bother to do them multiple times. They keep you entertained every single time. Of course this applies to the big attractions, which are full of detail and new things to discover at every ride, but this also applies to the ‘standard’ entertainment. ‘Stars on Parade’ makes you feel happy over and over again, and ‘Illuminations’ will give you a WOW feeling every night.

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Marvel Season of Superheroes

There where also some new things to discover: the offerings of the renewed Marvel Season. The show in front of Tower of Terror has a big stage but the beginning of the show is a bit slow and underwhelming. When Captain Marvel runs to the stage (she literally runs from the back side of the square to the main podium) things get more interesting. The Guardians of the Galaxy dance-off involves a lot of guest interaction and serves some well needed ambiance to the Walt Disney Studios. Also we have to say: the large Marvel statues are pretty amazing!

The absolute highlight of this season is the ‘Marvel: Superheroes United’ show. This Stuntshow takes place in the Walt Disney Studios theatre which previously housed Cinemagique. In a 25 minute during show you see you favourite heroes in action right before you in probably the most high-tech set design we have ever seen in Europe. The complete set consists of huge screens and enormous projection surfaces. They even project on the roof. In total we counted more than 30 large beamers.
The story is easy, although for a non-Marvel fan it can be a lot going on at the same time. The special effects are amazing. Iron Man flies, Spider-Man Swings, lots of pyrotechnics are involved and a car (which actually has drones inside) flies to the other side of the stage. This stuntshow is one of the first Marvel experiences in a Disney themepark worldwide and it is epic. Disney currently has multiple family orientated shows (like Mickey and th Magican) so it's good to see they present a show meant for a tougher audience.

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Rediscovery of the best rides

One of the highlights of our trip was, once again, Tower of Terror. In this abandoned hotel you discover what happend on that night lightning struck. At a flash the hotel stood still but one thing still operates: the service elevator. Which will transport you to… the Twilight Zone.

One of the best attractions story telling wise. The story, ride system and the theming all make sense and create something bigger than itself. They create a truely unique experience.
Hyperpace Mountain was damn impressive as always and Big Thunder Mountain amazes every single time. The fact that the coaster is placed on an island is out of this world. The ride is long, has some nice curves and awesome drops and has theming with capital T. And oh, today was the first day ever all the smoke effects worked in the last dynamite exploding lifthill. Together with the fast passage under water to get back to the station it serves a spectacular ending this coaster deserves. 10 out of 10


After 3 days it was time to take the Thalys home. It was a magical trip for sure. Disneyland Paris is often being critiqued by fans but we have to say it’s the best of the best.

Disneyland Resort Paris has the best attractions (gems like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror and Pirates of the Caribbean), they have the best themepark entertainment (the parade, Fireworks and the shows in the studios) and the best theming. The Disneyland Park is the prettiest of all the castle parks in the world with the richest storytelling and the most theming.
Things that can be better are the food offerings and sometimes the friendliness of the staff. In comparison with the German parks (Phantasialand is the absolute worst) the employees are friendly in Paris, but they can learn a thing or two from the Dutch themepark employees.

Disneyland Paris is the most magical place in Europe. It’s the creme-de-la-creme of the European themeparks. We’ll be back soon…