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Bobbejaanland: Halloween 2019

On Saturday 26 October we were invited by Bobbejaanland again to attend their yearly Halloween event! This year, they introduced a brand new haunted house called ‘Yummy’. Bobbejaanland is a Belgium attraction park in the place Lichtaart. They recently added Fury, a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster, to their collection of 7 coasters. Bobbejaanland has a total of 6 Haunted houses, 3 Scare-zones and 2 shows.
The park opens at 10:00, but the Halloween event only starts at 14:00. We couldn’t resist a couple of rides on Fury before explored the Halloween event…

We started our Halloween day at the Plaza de Los Muertos: a scare zone on the square in front of the hall of the Revolution. Bobbejaanland added a new show on this square this year. The show was about the honor of death with a colorful dance party.
This is mainly a show for kids because it is not scary at all, but we really enjoyed the show! Outside the showtimes, the scare actors can always be found at the square as well and you can take pictures with them.

It was time for our first haunted house of the day, namely Welp. Welp is about a couple of friends that went camping and ran into a wolf child Kai. It was a very succesful horror movie in Belgium last year.
When you enter this house, you first have to take a (really) bumpy ride in a jeep to the forest which was really fun. After that, you will be dropped into a forest where you can find al the “welps (children)” or what's left of them…

Our next scare zone is Ghost town: The Evil Spirits of the past roam around here and want to take over their town again! Bazaar Bizarre is a haunted house filled with clowns! Creepy clowns follow you and lead you into dead ends of this mirror maze.
The costumes were really nice and we were surprised by the quality of this house! You get a sort of 3D glass to get even more creepy 3D glow in the dark effects on the walls.

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We made our way to the other side of the park to the last scare zone. This zone was located in front of the indoor log flume Indiana river. A handful of scare actors dominated the area with really good costumes and looks! They really did their utter best to scare the crap out of everyone that walked by. Within this scare zone, the next haunted house Sonar can be found. Sonar is a submarine that is exposed to toxic waste deep under the sea. Personally, this was one of my favorite haunted house because the theming in here was next level!
Last year, Bobbejaanland surprised us with a good dinner and this year they surprised us with even better food and good desserts! Also, they have new Halloween ice cream called ‘Dracula Ice’ and it tastes really good for a pitch-black ice cream.

It was finally time to do the newest haunted house of Bobbejaanland: Yummy! Yummy is located close to the entrance of the park. It is themed to the new film coming to theatres soon. The first Flemish movie with zombies. The film Yummy is about a woman who goes to Ukraine for plastic surgery because it is cheaper over there. But things go very wrong...

The entrance of the haunted house is in the old doll factory between the park entrance and El Paso. First, you enter the cleaning room of the surgery where you come face to face with the janitor.
The highlights of the house were the great effects with lightning and sound, the dark, small and creepy hallways and the interactive experience where you will be not walking, but crawling in the house. The music was really great for the immersive experience. Despite the dark parts, where you couldn’t find your way through the house, it was a great haunted house on a very high level. It has great theming and special effects which makes it comparable to the haunted houses in movie park Germany and Walibi Holland. The best themed and scariest haunted house in the park!

It was time to head back to the Land of Legends where they started an Epic Party with DJ TAGMAG. It was crowded and everyone enjoyed the unique party. The party was really nice and professional including dancing scare actors. We rode Fury and Typhoon for the last time and it was time to go home.
We would really like to thank Bobbejaanland for this invitation and we hope to come back next year! We had a great time and the Halloween event surprised us very positively again. The new haunted house Yummy is a great addition and a must-do when visiting the park. If you have the chance, go and visit the Halloween days in Bobbejaanland to have a great day of scares and fun!

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