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Bobbejaanland: opening of triple launch coaster Fury

Yesterday Bobbejaanland opened one of it’s biggest expansions ever. In the last months they rethemed two existing attractions and built a new coaster. Fury is the fastest coaster of the Benelux and the headliner of the new Lands of Legends area, and we were invited to check it out!

Land Of Legends

Just behind the entrance Bobbejaanland created Land of Legends. In this new themed area the ‘Guardian of Elements’ tries to contain the natural elements in their purest form: earth, wind, fire and water. Threats to destruct these elements come from within the lands and we as visitors are invited to battle against the dark forces. The area is designed as a main hub with a large statue of the ‘Guardian’ in the centre. Around the circular hub are 4 portals which each provides entrance to another attraction.
Water is represented by a new playing area which looks pretty good. On a hot Belgium summerday we guess many little visitors will enjoy playing with the cooling elements. Sledgehammer is rethemed to fit the element of ‘Earth’ and finally has a nice waiting line. The previous simple switchback is gone and is now an adventurous path through a dense green area. Typhoon is repainted and has a summier different looking station. Not really much has changed here other than the extended and the more adventurous queue.


Fury is the fastest coaster in the Benelux and has a feature unique in the world: riders can choose if thy want to ride forwards or backwards! Each restraint has two buttons and during boarding everyone in the train makes there choice. At the start of the ride the train goes to a turntable and rotates in the most voted direction.

We were very eager to try out the ride and took place front seat and voted forwards. The first launch started smooth but accelerated pretty much, the second backwards launch gave a huge kick and drove us high up on the spike.
The third and last launch just gave that extra punch to accelerate
us to 106.6 km/h. The following layout was extremely forceful and very intense. After shooting up the last spike, hang upside down and then fall backwards into the brakes we could only say one thing: WOW.

The second ride we voted backwards and experienced something totally different. Because you cannot see anything the experience is pretty weird and even more intense. However you can feel that the track initially is designed for a front facing experience.


Fury is thrilling, fast, unique and also looks pretty good for non-riders. With Land of Legends they tried to create a new world and they slightly succeed. Why slightly? You can see that the budget for the whole project wasn’t huge and that unfortunately pays off. The elements are very ‘plastic fantastic’ and somehow kinda cheapish design wise. The retheming of Typhoon and Sledgehammer weren’t that much needed in our eyes and we would love to see Bobbejaanland spend the entire budget on Fury to make that an amazing experience. The coaster is amazing don’t get us wrong, but it deserved a better station and overall area.

Bobbejaanland openend the best coaster of Belgium and is worth a visit more than ever. When are you going to discover Lands of Legends and going to conquer Fury?