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2019: our themepark highlights

It’s the end of 2019, a wonderful year filled with amazing highlights. Ranging from the opening of new rollercoaster to visiting new parks with amazing rides. But what are our biggest highlights of all the amazing thinks in 2019? Let’s find out…

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The newest rollercoaster of Belgium. Bobbejaanland invited us for the grand press opening in June which really was a spectacle! Besides that, Fury is a great and especially unique ride with great interaction with the guest by letting them choose to do the ride forwards or backwards. This Gerstlauer triple launch coaster has a height of 43 meters, 4 inversions and a maximum speed of 106.6 km/h. This intense ride will amaze you, definitely when you are riding it backwards, It feels like a completely other coaster then riding it forwards! Bobbejaanland finally has its new signature ride. You can read everything about Fury and its opening in this blog.

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Our newest park highlight was definitely the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and the Parrot Coaster! Parrot Coaster is a B&M wing coater is located in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom China. It is 50 meters high, contains 3 inversions and is almost 1300 meters long. Besides that, this park is one of the best in the world combining great rides with the amazing animal exhibits and aquariums. When visiting Hong Kong it is pretty doable nowadays to visit Chimelong and definitely a must do.

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In 2019 we discovered tons of new coasters around the world, but one of the most attractive family Intamin coasters of this year was definitely Steel Dolphin! It has 2 launches, an awesome top hat, nice airtime and lots of twists and turns. A coaster which would be a great addition to many parks! This coaster is located in Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai. Besides the Intamin Blitz, the park owns the longest rapid in the world and currently is the only place in China where people can see orcas. On the other hand, this park was the greatest disappointment of the year, as the park is built on the cheap and the animal enclosures are too small. We won’t be revisiting this park anywhere soon in the future.

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Europe was hyped over the announcement that RMC will be transforming Robin Hood in Walibi Holland to Untamed. The first hybrid coaster that opened in Europe with 14 airtime moments! We rode it at openings day as VIP and we loved it from our first ride. With a 36.5 meters drop followed by 5 inversions, this RMC is just amazing! Your thighs will hurt because of the airtime. Untamed at Walibi Holland has lap bars which make you feel very free. Especially the last inversion seems to throw you out of the train. Do you want to know more about our experience at the opening of Untamed? Read it HERE.

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Everybody was amazed that a city park like Linnanmaki announced to build one of the biggest coasters in Europe! And they did not disappoint at all. This is the newest addition of the park and in our opinion one of the best coasters ever! It has 2 launches, 4 inversions, goes 106 km/hour and is 52 meters high, and don’t forget that amazing stall. This coaster is everything we hoped for and more! You can also check out our report of Taiga on our website if you want to know more about Taiga.

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And number 2 is Hakugei! Currently one of the best coasters in the world: a crazy RMC with more airtime than you can imagine! When Hakugei was shown to the world, lots of coaster fans were not that passionate about it based on photos and videos, but reports from those who've been there have shown that images can lie, as most coaster fans rank it as one of the top coasters in the world. And we certainly agree with that. Hakugei is Nagashima Spaland's newest coaster, opening at the beginning of 2019. Hakugei has a top speed of 107 km/h, hits 3 inversions and also, has an amazing stall! (got to love stalls hehe) It's both one of the better and one of the more beautiful coasters in the world, and definitely worth a trip to Japan! Go to the gym beforehand though, as lots and lots of airtime will seriously test your legs…

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At the end of our highlights of 2019 on number 1 is Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure! We just think it is THE surprise of 2019 and one of the best coasters out there. It's fun, family-oriented, fast and full of unexpected moments! We had a chance to ride it last summer and it surprised us in every positive way possible. Pretty forceful launces, crazy elements, long track length and amazing theming within the current Harry Potter part of the park. We waited for about 2.5 hours for this ride, but it was definitely worth it and the queue is just stunning to look at. So what are you waiting for? Go to Orlando and visits Universal's newest addition because you won't regret it!

Overall we as had a spectacular year. We want to thank all of our followers and fans for making this dream work. We definitely will continue in the future and strive to become better and bigger for you guys! Thanks again and we wish you all the best in 2020!